GeTraMuG is an association of musicians and composers living in Germany who are involved in the production and presentation of contemporary compositions that have been created by combining non-European and European musical languages.

GeTraMuG devotes itself to the presentation and performance of contemporary compositions based on the search for and development of interconnections of European and non-European compositional styles that have emerged through cultural encounters on European terrain and the related inner and outer challenges.

GeTraMuG considers the collaboration of contemporary composers with instrumentalists to be important, who work together on new aspects of connecting musically different languages ​​and forms of expression.

GeTraMuG supports the performance of classical-traditional non-European musics by professional musicians and instrumentalists.

GeTraMuG offers workshops and seminars in which, non-European musical ways of thinking and instrumental practices are imparted by professional musicians in each area.

GeTraMuG continuously seeks and develops new, suitable forms of communication that sustainably promote the exchange and cooperation of professional musicians living in Germany and that are suitable for conveying the goals and results of joint musical work to a broader public.